2019 Hits For Hospice

Saturday July 27, 2019 
Eldorado Fields - Eldorado Ontario (Madoc)
Team Cost: $300




More rules to be added and existing ones are subject to change (we are open to suggestions)

All participants must sign waiver and be on the roster
Minimum 8 players to start the game (no max)
Minimum 3 female players to start the game (no max)
Any player arriving after first pitch of a game is added to the bottom of the batting order for that game
Opposing team must supply a catcher if a team has 9 players
Batting Order
A team cannot bat 3 male players in a row, if necessary the next female player in the batting order will bat
If a male batter is walked without the pitcher throwing a strike and is followed by a female player, the female player has the option to bat or take 1st base automatically
No lead-offs until the ball has "crossed the plate"
(Penalty - One warning then called out)
No outfielder can throw to 1st if a runner is running towards the base from the batters box
All players must avoid malicious contact at all times
All judgement calls by the umpire(s) are final
All conflicts should be resolved amicably, if necessary ask the tournament convener to assist
10 run mercy rule after 5 innings
+2 Home Run rule
3 courtesy runners, unlimited for players 55+
No drinking or smoking in the dugout
Runners must run past the run line and not touch home plate
1st - Wins
2nd - Wins against next highest seeded opponent
3rd - Coin Flip (or drawing straws if more than 2 teams)
Run differential is NOT used

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